A new alternative to coworking in San Francisco that promises to increase productivity

Ever finish the day thinking that you didn’t do enough? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Items on the to-do list remain unattended and somehow, the cycle repeats itself the next day. If you find yourself struggling with productivity while working out of a coworking space in San Francisco, try adopting these few tips for yourself and your team:

Reduce multitasking

Finish one task then move on to the next! Thinking you have a superhuman ability to do many tasks at once could affect your productivity. It’s against the way our brain is wired and there is a high chance none of the tasks would be done efficiently. Earl K. Miller (Ph.D.), a professor of neuroscience at MIT believes it is humanly impossible to multitask.(1) Constantly switching between tasks stresses out your brain, and you’ll spend more time trying to accomplish those tasks than the person who faces them one at a time.

Take breaks

Breaks can help you be more productive. Our body is programmed to work in cycles. The ultradian rhythm(2) dictates that there would be bursts of high activity periods followed by a period of low alertness. When you stay at your desk for long hours, you are bound to suffer from low productivity because of the cyclic nature of your body system. The solution: take regular breaks! Take a short walk around the block, or a longer lunch break that takes you out of the office.

This is where we at Birdnest come in. We understand the importance of staying productive throughout the entire work day. Getting out of the office for 10-15 minutes for a quick refresher is ideal to a productive day. That’s why we focus on selecting office locations in with nearby restaurants, cafes and parks. Just blocks away from our Brannan St. and Harrison St. locations, you’ll find the beautiful South Park, a tree-lined oval garden filled with picnic tables and benches, ideal for a quick break.

SOMA - South Park
South Park, near Brannan St. & Harrison St. locations
870 Market Street coworking space in San Francisco
Mid-Market location inside the Flood Building

Steps away from our Mid-Market location is Union Square which is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Our FiDi location is a short block away from the best cup of coffee in San Francisco, Philz, allowing you to power through the rest of your day.

Face the big tasks when you are most alert

If you are an early riser, crunch through your biggest tasks in the morning! If you do best after lunch, face it then! There is no one-fits-all(3) method for determining your active hours. But if you understand yourself, you would know when you feel most ready to tackle your biggest challenges.

Have a space to call your own

As an entrepreneur, having your own office space is crucial to your productivity and that of your team. It doesn’t have to be a large space as long as it is structured to accommodate your team. When you own a private space, not only are you more productive, but you are able to have your own company culture. The privacy in coworking is never enough. The distractions make it easy to get distracted or fall into the trap of adopting someone else’s culture. Looking for short term office space rental in San Francisco? Check out Birdnest, where we provide the most productive, move-in ready offices all without the hassle of a traditional lease.


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(3) The biggest productivity myth is that rigid rules like the Pomodoro technique are for everyone

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