Team Birdnest – Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day


Birdnest was started on a simple idea — to make workspaces available and flexible for everyone.

​We met at a startup meetup event and since then have tried all the different workspace options. We started in our apartments, then coffee shops (that lasted about a day) and we finally tried coworking spaces, but found many of them to be overcrowded with too many distractions. So we started Birdnest to create an alternative.

​Together, we built Birdnest with the mission to change how and where we work. We combine contemporary aesthetics with private office spaces, or “nests,” for enterprises, entrepreneurs, design thinkers, and business owners.

At Birdnest, we believe that spaces should be inspiring instead of monotonous. We believe in the freedom to choose where and how we work. Above all, we believe in making private spaces available to everyone.

Nick Jiang, Co-Founder & CEO 

Ray Choi, Co-Founder, President & COO